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Crockett & Daw use the latest equipment and machinery to fix your watch along with generations of expertise.


Breitling Service

A watch should be serviced every 3-5 years. This is to maintain not only time keeping but the lifetime of your Breitling. 
Your watch will be inspected, fully stripped down, ultrasonically cleaned, re-assembled and oiled, regulated to ensure time keeping. It then will have seals changed and pressure tested for water resistance. And then put through rigorous testing before returning your watch.


We can offer a number of repairs for your Breitling from a Full restoration, Glass replacement, Dial refurbishment to regulating time keeping or a battery replacement.


Give your watch the full treatment with a full clean and polish.
A case and bracelet can be bought back to life by polishing. We can also offer polishing to suit requirements to maintain value of your Watch. Laser welding techniques can also be used to fill even the deepest of scratches.

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